John Williams ‧Itzhak Perlman – Serenade(夜曲 )

Itzhak-Perlman (Serenade) Serenade(夜曲),為John Williams(約翰 威廉斯)與小提琴家Itzhak Perlman(伊查克 帕爾曼)合作下的電影音樂精選專集,音樂風格聯繫古典、結合現代、貫注通俗音樂領域,並呈現出極具藝術品味與音樂素養的演奏。

1. Main Title from The Color Purple
2. Tango (Por Una Cabeza) from Scent of a Woman
3. Papa, Can You Hear Me? from Yentl
4. Theme from Il Postino
5. Theme from the Age of Innocence
6. Theme from Far and Away
7. I Will Wait for You from the Umbrellas of      Cherbourg
8. Theme from Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
9. Theme from Sabrina
10. I Had a Farm in Africa (Main Title from Out of Africa)
11. Manha de Carnaval (Morning of the Carnival)-from Black Orpheus
12. Theme from Schindler’s List
13. Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso


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